Driving Test
Before you take the test to get your driver's license, it is always a good idea to practice. Driving the actual streets where the test is held will help you become familiar with the route. You can also take practice tests for the written section of the driving test.
Things You'll Need:
Driver's handbook
Russian version available

Practice the Route for Your Driving Test

1Call the driver's licensing division of your local motor vehicle office to find out where the practical portion of your driving test will be given. Usually the route is very near the office and spans a few miles. Friends who have already taken their driving tests may be able to tell you the route they were tested on.

2Ask a parent or other adult over the age of 18 to take you out so you can practice the driving route. Drive the test route at different times of the day if you can and in various weather conditions. You want to become comfortable driving in all possible scenarios to reduce your stress level on test day.

3Practice the various skills you may be tested on, such as parallel parking, parking on a hill, backing into a space and making a multi-point turn. The actual test will depend on the area in which you live, but it is a good idea to know how to do all of these things when driving.

Practice a Written Driving Test

1Check the back of your driver's handbook to see if there are any sample questions or a practice test you can take. If there is no practice test, ask your driver's education instructor if he has any mock tests you can use.

2Log on to the website of your state's motor vehicle division. Find the link that leads you to licensing information. More and more states are creating practice tests for driving that you can download and take at home or take directly online.

3Retreat to a quiet area of your home where you can concentrate on your practice test. If the real written driving test will be a timed exam, set a timer or alarm so you can make the practice round as close to the real situation as possible.